same day loans The value of a hard working mom



We all know that parenting is tough work.  This little infographic really puts into perspective just how much we value the MOM!  Take a look and see what your worth


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Mom Annual Salary Infographic

This infographic was created by Credit Card Insider, your trusted credit resource, providing plain-language guidance from seasoned industry veterans.

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california payday loans Probar III – I’m your number one fan!

The best part may I point out about this review is that exactly one year ago today I wrote my last Probar review!  I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to review these suckers once again!  Unfortunately for me the samples we received seemed to be gone within days!  My daughter who is totally familiar with their packaging and amazing goodness grabbed one right up as soon as I opened the box.  She of couse chose the Cookie Dough


flavor of the ProBar Core™.  This isn’t your ordinary meal replacement bar by any means.  This little baby packs 20g of protein and is complete with chia and flax seeds.  Chia seeds are incredible for many reasons like: high in Omega3’s, great at balancing blood sugar levels, packed with antioxidants and helps to increase energy.  Last but not least this bar tastes incredible! I actually felt guilty eating it because the flavor was so convincing of actual cookie dough!
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Next in the line up of yumminess they sent was the ProBar Meal™ Superberry and Greens, this bar really is a meal in itself! With low glycemic choices for carbohydrates and the high protein benefits of Spirulina I knew I had to have this one!  I’m always looking for something quick to grab on the go, as I think any parent does and this bar really does the trick!


I love all the goodness of the RAW qualities of this bar.  Check out this ingredient list!   It’s completely packed with high quality antioxidant super foods.  I’m a big fan of greens and feel that most of us don’t get enough in our diets and this little bar can really help that!

As a parent we really can’t turn away a good product that can help us with time, health and just plain relief especially when it comes to food.  There are so many bars anymore out there and with all the mumbo jumbo of ingredient lists out there it can be completely confusing!  Pick up one of these bars and see for yourself, not only can you properly read and sound out all of the ingredients used, you know exactly what they are!  And don’t forget they are so good that alone will keep you coming back for more!

The good folks at ProBar have extended an offer to all of my readers please  “like” PROBAR’s Facebook page. Also, be sure to mention our discount code, “BLOGGER” that will get you 40% off your first order


Thanks for reading!


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payday loans texas Top Five Tips for Taking the Kids to Disneyland – Mommy Bloggers

Disney World
Walt Disney World is a magical place, full of memories and fun for young children and parents alike. But, like any trip, you need to be prepared or the trip can quickly become more trouble than it’s worth. Here are five tips to make your Walt Disney trip go as smoothly as possible while maintaining fun for both child and parent.
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• Breakfast with the Characters – Whether it’s breakfast with Mickey and his pals or breakfast with Cinderella and some of her many princess friends, you can’t go wrong with booking a reservation at the Royal Table Restaurant in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, amongst some of the top hotels in Orlando. Make sure to book at the Royal Table up to six months in advance. You can also book at any one of the many Disney resorts and hotels that offer Character Dining.

• Travel in Style – The best way to travel through the parks is by Monorail or ferry. The Monorail connects the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center with Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The ferry connects the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center with Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The Campsites are good if you’re on a budget or you just want to camp in the great outdoors.

Disney World 3
• Work in a Naptime – A bonus to staying at one of the above hotels is access to the park an hour earlier and an hour later than the general public gets. If you arrive early, you can get in a full morning of fun and then head back to your hotel for a nap and playtime at the pool.

• Baby Care Centers – Instead of lugging around a bulky stroller of your own, why not take advantage of being able to rent one at any of the theme parks Baby Care Centers. Stop by for an extra diaper, a rocking chair or just to get out of the heat. All four theme parks are air-conditioned and have just the things you need for your child.

• Have a Plan – Planning helps you avoid vacation burnout and exhausting days. Try downloading an app that will give you approximates wait times at each attraction. Purchase a FASTPASS, which will allow you to bypass long lines.

If you start planning early, get your kids involved so that they will have weeks or even months to get excited about their magical trip to Walt Disney World.  This can be a trip that you all can remember forever.

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Write my essay The Antidote – Why this book is so scarily me!

The Antidote Book
So a few months back (yes I’m totally behind) I picked up and began to read this interestingly intriguing book because it screamed out to me just by the title alone.  See I’m married to an extremely positive man that feeds off happiness and upbeat vibes.  I however on the other hand find most of that rather nauseating.
Yep I was that girl in high school that ditched pep rallys and couldn’t stand cheer week.  Not because I don’t believe in coming together or camaraderie just simply because it didn’t and still doesn’t seem genuine.  I love a feel good story as much as the next guy, however don’t ask me to go to one of those pump you up seminars cause let me tell you it doesn’t work that way for me.  It’s all just a silly little joke from my eyes…..

The Antidote describes to a T what this feeling is like for people like myself.  Going to those “Get Motivated” gatherings and such seems so forced and that feeling of, hey you MUST participate just makes my skin crawl.

I also really connected with the authors chapter on getting over yourself and setting crazy goals.  I may be jumping all over here, but hey this is how my brain has organized it.  See on a daily average I set completely unrealistic goals and write up this to do list that I literally know I won’t be able to tackle, however it’s the only way I know how to get the most possible tasks done?!  Weird I know.

It’s as if the let down of not completing these tasks makes me keep going to next day, seriously it works for me!  The days where I decide to take it easy are the days I want to do nothing, feel down on myself and want to just park myself in front of the television all afternoon.

Finally The Antidote did this for me, which is huge.  I’ve always second guessed myself and in the back of my mind worried I was on a destructive path with the constant setting my self up to fail, when in reality this is just how I effectively work.  I’m happy to have learned this great lesson and am excited to forge forward on my crazy path of self competitiveness!!

Happy Reading!


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installment loans texas 18 Blogs You Can Use to Determine if Your Child is Gifted

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Many parents think that their child is gifted, maybe because he walked before the other babies in the playgroup or was an early talker.  However, does this mean that your child is gifted or just really smart?  What is the difference between a child who is gifted and one who is highly proficient?  As a parent, what should you do to make sure your child is getting what he needs in school?  These questions and others will be answered in the following 18 blog entries.  If you think your child might be gifted, you may benefit from reading these blogs. online installment loans

Gifted vs. Highly Proficient

Sometimes children are labeled as gifted when they may just be ahead in their learning.  Children who attended pre-school may be ahead academically when compared to a child who had no schooling prior to kindergarten.  Does this mean one child is gifted and the other is not?  Determining the difference between a gifted child and a highly proficient one is a difficult task.  The highly proficient child knows the answers to the questions, whereas a gifted child will ask questions that are beyond the scope of the lesson.  Read through these six blog posts and see if your child is gifted or highly proficient.

Parental Role

As a parent, you may want to know what your role is in determining if your child is gifted.  Decades ago parents sent their kids to school and that was pretty much it.  It was the teacher’s job to teach your child.  Often, children who are labeled as gifted now were considered unruly or disruptive back then.  So much more is understood about learning styles and various special needs that school is an entirely different ballgame now.  Parents may have to step in to make sure that their child is getting the attention that he requires to learn and reach his full potential.  If you feel your child is gifted and not being challenged enough in class, you have the right to have him tested for the gifted program.

Testing for Giftedness

There are differing opinions about when a child should be tested for the gifted program.  If you test a child in kindergarten, are you truly finding the gifted kids or just the ones that are ahead of the learning curve?  How should a child be tested?  These questions and others will be discussed in the following six blog articles.

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A Mom’s Guide to Balancing Work and Family

Busy Moms Guide to Balancing a Healthy Schedule
As the Mommy Wars wage on, the longstanding battle between working mothers and those who stay at home can get particularly nasty. When over-scheduled, over-tired working moms have trouble striking the delicate balance between parenting and maintaining a demanding career, many find themselves unsure of where to turn, suffering in silence rather than opening the proverbial can of worms. Finding ways to balance work and family isn’t easy, but it isn’t altogether impossible, either.

Establish a Routine

Laying down the groundwork for a consistent and reliable family routine is almost always a struggle in the beginning. Changing not only your own habits, but also encouraging a change in each member of your family’s lives, takes its toll in the beginning. However, when you are able to establish a workable routine for your family, it can help make a noticeable difference in the way your household runs, and even free up more time for all of you to spend together.

Understand the Power of “Me” Time

When you feel as if you’re always running on just slightly less than enough sleep, the idea of getting up even earlier or staying up even later can be downright repellent. Carving out a few minutes of time for yourself each day, even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes, lets you recharge your internal batteries and prepare for upcoming tasks without being forced to attend to an unexpected crisis.

Encourage Independence

Helping your children learn to take charge of as much of their own morning routine as reasonably possible not only frees up a bit of time for you to attend to your own needs, but also encourages independence and self-reliance in your kids at a relatively young age. While you certainly don’t want to rush your child into completing tasks he’s not quite developmentally ready for, you can squelch the urge to be a helicopter parent while simultaneously allowing yourself a bit of space.

The Caregiver Conundrum

If you don’t have a caregiver that you absolutely trust, there’s a good chance that you’re going to struggle with the tasks before you each day as your mind wanders back to the kids. Finding the perfect nanny or care center can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task, but it’s one that pays off in spades when you’re able to confidently and competently manage the demands of your daily life without worrying about your kids’ welfare.

Schedule Religiously

It may feel a bit silly to schedule out something as small as a 10 minute coffee break, but do it anyway. Maintaining a detailed schedule allows you to break your day down at a glance, figuring out how much you still have to do and where you need to be before you’re able to settle in at home for some family time. Don’t underestimate the power of the smartphone planner; mobile devices today can manage almost every aspect of your professional and personal life, usually down to the minute.

Kick Guilt to the Curb

Feeling remorse about the fact that your children are in the care of others is natural and normal, but it’s also a feeling you should squash whenever it rears its ugly head. Remind yourself of all the opportunities that your children have because of the income you bring in and how much you’re able to provide, and make a promise to clear out an entire day to spend quality time with them. In order for those promises to spend time with your children to be effective at warding off that guilt, however, you’ll have to keep them. When the weekend rolls around or you’re able to take an impromptu vacation day, spend every waking minute of it having fun with your kids. Don’t let the demands of work pull at you for a full 24 hours, so that you can return with fresh eyes and a clear head, free of nagging guilt and regret.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No.”

When you’re accustomed to taking on more than you can handle and managing every aspect of your professional life as well as running a household, it’s understandable to feel as if no one is quite capable of handling things in a manner that lives up to your standards. Reminding yourself that it’s okay to say “no” and okay to let someone else take the reins for a while may take a bit of conditioning and lots of effort, but the ability to delegate tasks and entrust them to other people will relieve some of your stress.


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Top 10 Games Your Kids Will be excited for in 2013

Top games kids want to play
Online computer games are highly popular at present, and this popularity is something which is only set to increase over the coming year. Thus, keeping that in mind, take a look at the top ten games which are set to take the internet by storm in 2013:


  1. Toy Twister

This is one of the popular free kids’ games offered by Cartoon Network. It features the popular cartoon characters Ed, Edd and Eddy. In this game you are balanced on a plank of wood. You need to collect toys in your bag. However, the more toys you collect the harder it is to balance. So make sure you don’t fall off of the wood.

2. Refridger-Raiders

This game is based on the popular cartoon show Tom and Jerry, and what is so great about this game in particular is that you get to choose to be either the cat or the mouse. If you decide to be Tom then you have to throw balloons at Jerry and his friend Nibbles. If you play as Jerry then you have to drop food to Nibbles without being hit by Tom.

3. Clone A Doodle Doo

In this game you have to build a fence in order to capture chickens and enclose them in a small space, this makes them duplicate and you’ll gain points. You can’t hit the chickens whilst building the fence though.

4. Chaos Tag

It’s all in the name with this game; you have to tag as many opponents as possible. But, it is by no means as simple as that; you will have obstacles in your way, making this a lot of chaos!

5. Fast and Flurrious

In this game you get to choose whether to Buttercup, Blossom or Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. This is one of the many free kids’ games which are available from the cartoon network. In this snowboarding game you will have to score as many points as possible whilst collecting items and jumping down the slopes. Moreover, you will get to pick your own slope and your own snowboard.

7. Scooby Trap

Who doesn’t love Scooby Doo? In this game you have to help Scooby rejoin the gang, but there are lots of monsters and baddies in the way. So, make sure you sneak past in order to avoid any trouble!

8. Food Bash

This game contains a wealth of different popular cartoon characters, including Johnny Bravo and the Powerpuff Girls. Food Bash is a great load of fun as you will be involved in a food fight with these characters. The goal is to hit them five times, but make sure that they don’t hit you five times first or the cartoon characters will win!

9. Trap-o-Matic

This game is another one which is based on Tom and Jerry. In this game you get to play Tom and of course the aim is to catch Jerry. You have loads of different devices in your box and you need to create a trap which lures Jerry to the cheese on the mouse trap.

10. Holiday Design Workshop

In this game you can use premade designs or start from scratch in order to create your own holiday gift cards. This is great for those who have an artistic side!

11. Whuzzat?

This is a Johnny Bravo game whereby you hear a series of sounds and then you have to play them back in order to complete the level.

From Chaos Tag to Scooby Trap; there are some great games which are set to take the online world by storm in 2013!

Author bio – 

CJ is a freelance journalist. She writes on a variation of different topics, including; free kids games, fashion tips, health and safety, and much, much more.

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