Dressing Mommy Day 1- 7 Days of Toddler Fashion

Dressing Mommy day 1

How come our little ones can put on whatever they want and look completely amazing?  However if and when I go out in public and yes I will like <—– this people will point and laugh.  So I decided to take on an idea I had to let my almost three year old dress me in WHATEVER she chooses for one week.  I notice every time I go in my closet to pick out my daily attire she loves to accompany me and always has fun things to say about my clothing.  She loves to suggest I wear a hat or add a scarf, however since I live in Arizona and the temperature lately is normally around 115 I typically stay away from scarfs

 Another reason I thought hey this could be super fun was the fact that she is starting preschool in a matter of weeks and she will probably start to pay attention more to how she looks.  As it is she is always very opinionated when it comes to getting ready for a birthday party or even a trip to grandmas house.

Ok so lets breakdown my day one look which is oh so hip and now! I’m wearing a burnout tee by e.vil which I picked up a couple years back.  Super cute when paired with jeans, not so much when paired with Christmas pajama pants.  The pants I picked these bad boys up at Target in 2008 when River was only weeks old for our first ever family Christmas picture where we all appeared in our pj’s.

Dressing Mommy

The best part about her actually having me wear these was her excitement when I told her she gets to dress me.  She ran to my closet and said ok mommy I want you to wear your Christmas pants!  I literally think shes been thinking about how she was going to get me to wear these one day!

Last but not least my boots

 I proudly grabbed these up at one of my favorite spots to shop in Santa Monica probably in like 2005 at a Vintage/Second hand/amazing finds shop called Wasteland for like $25 bucks.  If you’ve never been and your really like unique pieces at a bargain I suggest you go, there is also a location on Melrose however the Santa Monica location is always better.

For day one I’d say we are off to a great start!  I’m a little nervous at what the next week can bring but hey thats what being a mom is all about, sacrifice

 Friends please share this experiment as everyone can use a little laugh and hey I’m secure with myself so laugh away.  Fellow mommies I urge you to take part and let your kiddos dress you and if they do you better share those pics and I’ll post them here!

Thanks for stopping by

xoxo Amber

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12 Responses to Dressing Mommy Day 1- 7 Days of Toddler Fashion

  1. Amber, this is such a cute and fun idea :) I can’t to see what else River picks out for you.

  2. Mom/Rivers Grandma says:

    Omg….you look adorable and I can totally see River standing there carefully picking out just the right thing. I can’t wait to see more pics. What a wonderful idea and a perfect way for Mommy and Daughter to share some really special memories together. Great job Amber!!!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I LOVE this. Such a cute idea.

  4. Dayle says:

    Amber, this is so great!!! Can’t wait to share it with a bunch if fun young moms here on Hilton Head Island!!!!

  5. Tricia Bowman says:

    You are so freakin creative!!!!

  6. Jenn says:

    I love love this…. My daughter would be in heaven if I let her dress me! What a cute creative idea! Thanks for sharing!

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