Dressing Mommy Day 2- 7 Days of Toddler Fashion

Ok so today she sorta actually pulled a look together that was well a little more normal I guess you’d say.  My plan was to go out and get some really great reactions from people who may have been taken back by my wardobe choices, but since I just look a tad off I figured I’d wait till my look is a bit more ridiculous.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow


Alright lets break this down.  It’s a high of 94 today so wearing a long sleeve with a sweater over top of it was a little uncomfortable but she totally made up for my lack of comfort with the comfy cotton skirt and slips ons.  At least my lower half was cool today!  I gotta say I truly love her for picking these slip ons which I love, they’re made by Teva, yeah the shoe line who started with sandals?!  They have this whole amazing waterproof array that are so super cute and comfortable, it’s scary how much you could spend on a water shoe!

I love her for pairing a bright green sweater with even brighter purple shoes, which makes me wonder why don’t we as grown ups do this! Mix and match totally uncoordinating colors just because we like the way they make us feel?  Speaking of….I did a little googling and check out what I found about her color choices:

Psychology of Color: Green
The color of growth, nature, and money. A calming color also that’s very pleasing to the senses.  It is also the color associated with envy, good luck, generosity and fertility. It is the traditional color of peace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support and well paced energy.

Psychology of Color: Purple
This color stimulates the brain activity used in problem solving. However, when overused in a common setting it is associated with putting on airs and being artificial/ Use purple most carefully to lend an air of mystery, wisdom, and respect. Young adolescent girls are most likely to select nearly all shades of purple as their favorite color.

Psychology of Color: Gray
Gray is most associated with the practical, timeless, middle-of-the-road, solid things in life. Too much gray leads to feeling mostly nothing; but a bit of gray will add that rock solid feeling to your product.

SO!  River is quite intuitive I guess after all

 Just thought that might be a fun little way to look at how we pair our clothing and why we make the choices we make!  Maybe thats why little ones are so spirited and have such an amazing outlook on everything.  Ya know we can learn alot from these muchkins.  Please check back tomorrow, I hope to have something super to run around town in


– Amber

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2 Responses to Dressing Mommy Day 2- 7 Days of Toddler Fashion

  1. Erin says:

    I’m loving this idea Amber!! I would love to do this with Rilan! I’m curious to see what she would pick… I’d probably get CrAzY on day one :) Dresses only and lots of Pink and purple I’m sure :)

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