Dressing Mommy Day 7 – 7 Days of Toddler Fashion

And on the 7th day she has officially had it.  It took me a good 20 minutes to talk her into getting me dressed today.  It turns out all she wanted to do was pick her own outfit which she basically does every day anyways.  Even when it came down to the photo take part, which she normally totally digs all she kept saying was I don’t want to take a picture of mommies outfit, I want to take a picture of mine.  I had to sneak in a few pics when she was checking herself out in her room.  I think though from the photo attached in this post you’ll all agree she has a pretty darn cute style all for herself.

Alright so to breakdown my last days look I’ll start with my top.   The top is Monnamur who happens to also be my BFF’s line, it’s super comfy soft and the built in scarf/wrap is versatile and can make your outfit have a few different feels to it!  If you like very cute chic but wearable style then you’ve got to see the other pieces she’s lined up.  Check out her recent line here at Ahniimura.

My cutoff shorts are a weekly staple in my life and they’ve been with me longer than River herself

 I love me some super flattering cutoffs even in the cold months they pair cute with leggings.  And last but not least my Fergie slingbacks where a super cute find at Famous footwear and are pretty dang comfy however I’d never wear them around with the ensemble you see here.  It’s funny how this started out, all crazy and parings that made no sense, to outfits that actually go together pretty nicely.   It’s funny to how Rivers outlook has changed.   She knows how good she is that’s it.  She’s like man I’m not your stylist, you gotta pay me to help you look this good!  Thanks so much friends and family for checking in to see what crazy concoction we cooked up each day.  I’ll do my  best to bring even more entertaining posts in the future



Amber and River

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