While Mommy’s Away…Do they miss us?

After my 5 day trip out of town I began to wonder do our children suffer like we do?  Man I could just lay in my hotel room and cry thinking about the moments lost while I’m away if it be work or play.  And I feel this enormous guilt deep inside that she is sitting at home thinking, “What did I do?  Did mommy leave”.  I know I’m a bit dramatic and lets face it I do come to my senses when I travel and eventually give in and let loose.  However this last trip was my longest away since being a mommy and I really had a hard time moving into chill out ville and be something other than a bump on a log.

I blame Preschool!  Ever since River started Preschool I have this erie lingering feeling that she’s learning to live without me more and more each day.   Someone please tell me that this goes away as they grow up, I mean surely my mom isn’t sitting at home curled in a ball sobbing because she only sees me every 6 weeks or so.  Since this was my longest amount of time away I decided to get a little creative.  I left a little surprise for her so she’d have something to look at each day and remember how much I love her.  So I took a little pic of us, taped it to some paper and colored a little message that daddy could read to her while I was gone.

I know I know corny but I don’t care

 She was so thrilled that first day when she got out of school and called me.  She told me all about how she found the note and daddy read it to her.  it really warmed my heart and truly held me over knowing that she was thinking of me.  Geesh I haven’t felt those insecure feelings of needing to know someone was thinking about me since high school!  It’s amazing what our little muchkins will do to our over all being.  Never again will we be the same once they’ve entered our lives!


Amber aka River’s MOM

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2 Responses to While Mommy’s Away…Do they miss us?

  1. Miriam says:

    I’ve totally had these same feelings…even when its just a long day at work. My little one is still tiny (7 months) but I wonder if she even notices I’m gone…I sure notice and I sure miss her!

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