Super Bowl Hype

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My husband is a sports fanatic. When Super Bowl approaches, he plans his party menu and invites his friends, and their spouses, over for a fun afternoon and evening. He is so obsessive-compulsive about things, though, that he goes way beyond party planning to insure a successful Super Bowl experience. First he schedules cable tv service just to have the connections checked. He has the television checked out to make sure it is not going to go out during the game. January (or February, depending on the year) is the one time a year the man puts Rid-X in our septic system to be sure we have no bathroom issues for our guests. He has me schedule the cleaning lady the Saturday before. And he spends two days prior to the big event making his famous chili and wings and other game day foods. He will not allow anyone to bring anything! The spouses even enjoy football during the season as well as the Super Bowl. What makes the day even more fun is when we have split team preferences! It is mandatory at my husband’s party that everyone come dressed in the color of the team they are supporting! I have to say, it is a fun day with friends.

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