Kale Chips That Kiddos Will Love!

So I’m totally biased to this recipe well because…it’s mine.  While visiting the Sedona are last fall we found an amazing little store name Chocolatree.  Well at Chocolatree you can purchase the most amazing tasting good for you goodies you could ever imagine.  Amoungst the tons of items we purchased our most favorite thing we brought home and still incorporate into our daily diet is Kale Chips.

Yep you know that leafy green thing on your plate when you go out to dinner so it looks more fancy, thats Kale!  If you didn’t know this already Kale is incredibly good for you, here are a few quick Kale facts you should now:

  • 1 cup of kale has 3 ½ times your daily beta-carotene needs and tons of vitamin C to help boost a nice glow in your skin.
  • Kale also contains a host of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonols, such as quercetin, to help defend your body from the stresses of modern life.
  • Kale provides a dietary source of alpha-lipoic acid, which helps regenerate other anti-oxidants like vitamin C and Glutathione.
  • Kale’s fibre supports a healthy digestive tract to help keep digestion-related inflammation at bay.
  • Sulfur-based glucosinolates in kale help to support the natural detoxification pathways in the liver

Now I’ve been consuming Kale for years, adding it to stir fry type dishes, eggs, and even salads.  It does have its own unique taste, however it’s so good!  Juicing Kale can give you some real health benefits as well.  Just be prepared to go through alot of Kale and receive a little amount of juice.

Not until creating my own Kale chip recipe did I ever feel like my family or myself reaped all the benefits that Kale can provide.  I’m not going to give up my magical mix, however I do encourage lots of experimentation with the leafy green.  It has a strong flavor so be prepared to add in some exciting herbs and spices to bring it out.

Here is an image of a little pin I did a while back on pinterest.  You can get a better idea of how to come up with what you think would taste good in your Kale.

Last but not least I want to mention the extreme love my daughter has developed for these “chips”.  What a better solution than reaching for a bag of potato chips!



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