Proud Sister

Being a mom comes with lots of hats.   Beyond being a proud mommy myself, I’m also an incredibly proud sister, wife, daughter, friend and I’m sure there is something else I’m leaving out.  I’m writing this post in sincere dedication to my little sister who is graduating this month from college.

I know I know alot of people graduate college, however my sister is a mother of two who is renovating and completely redoing her entire home in which her family lives in full time to turn it into a preschool.  Not only does she continue to provide a fantastic home life for her husband and two children but she takes the time to help our other sister plan her wedding, hang out with friends, take time to call me and check in and offer to watch my munchkin when we are in town.  She is truly someone to admire.

Coming from a woman who never finished her college degree, I look at her and think WOW what a complete and totally under control girl she really has turned out to be.  She has inspired me to look into finishing my degree in the lifestyle I already leave as she has.  There are so many options now a days its truly amazing.  Even for families or single mothers who need financial help.  There are so many programs out there for scholarships or grants that its totally worth looking into, so if you’re on the fence…I’m pushing you!

You can do it and so can I



Amber (Rivers mom)

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