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Role Model

This complete revelation just hit me the other day when I was driving on the 405 on the way to my precious daughter’s first-ever hockey game. 

Techie Kids 🖥

Back when River was only a few months old in 2009, I wrote this heart felt post about being aware as parents with technology use in front of our children.  

Riversmom Re-boot

Recently I found myself curious again about my previous efforts running a mommy blog.  Back in 2007 when I started it was a whole other ballgame.  

What’s Really For Dinner (Part 2)

growth hormones in our food, antibiodics

So as if the debate on meat eaters versus vegetarian wasn’t confusing enough I have some more exciting info to share. 

Halo Bar – “The Sinfully Healthy Snack Bar”

So even us health minded parents give in now and then and can’t help but allow our kiddo’s to enjoy a little candy or treat. 

What’s for Dinner? Really? (Part 1)

Gone are the days of a simple meatloaf dinner with a healthy side of veggies and a peach cobbler to satisfy the sweet tooth.