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5 1/2 weeks left to grow!

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We are getting so excited for our little one to arrive.  Jeff took this last minute shot of me yesterday since I’m not usually up for photo shoots lately he had to sweet talk me 🙂  A little over a week ago we had our shower and we wanted to thank everyone so much for all the wonderful gifts and support.  It was really great to see everyone.  The shower was thrown by River’s Aunties Holly, Kayla, Jessie, Summer and Brandy and they did an amazing job.  I literally had tears in my eyes when I walked out and saw what they had put together for me.  It was such a special day and wow did we get tons of stuff. River sure has alot of people very excited to meet her!  The nursery is pretty much done, we just a have a few finishing touches and we will take some pics and get them up here as soon as we’re done.  It’s absolutely beautiful we both like to go in there everyday and just look around and imagine what it’s going to be like once she’s here.  It’s so amazing how calm and peaceful it feels in there already even Jetty is hanging out in there regularly, I think she feels the good energy as well 🙂  Last week at our 34 week check up, every thing looks good her heartbeat is strong and she loves to interact with the midwife when she’s checking her.  Her head is down and I’m measuring a little ahead of schedule, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but who knows.  As long as shes in there as long as she needs to get strong and healthy that’s all that matters to us!

To see pics from the baby shower follow this link:

More updates coming soon



32 Weeks and Growing! “My Little Bell”

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Wow, I can’t believe we have only 8 weeks to go!!  Our little River Rae started as a small puddle, then grew to a medium sized brook, and is now our little stream!  Amber and I can’t wait to meet our little River!  As some of you may have heard, we have decided to experience our birth of River Rae Bella at home on the river with a mid-wife.  This Friday we go to Vegas to meet with her and start our daily practices in preparation of our main event.  Amber, River and I, are so excited about this change in events, as we are now looking more forward to our quiet, candlelit, beautiful birthing experience!

We also have been working really hard on our new website: which was inspired by our little River, “my Little Bell”  and will hopefully be set to launch phase 1, by the first of next year!  Be sure to check it out when it’s up, as our mission is to create a more high-end, organic, version of babycenter meets fitpregnancy.

River has been very active inside Amber’s belly!  As I love talking to her on a daily basis, she usually responds actively to my voice:)  I love to share with her how wonderful I want her life to be and let her know all the different plans I have for our lives together.  My Little Bell also loves when I kiss her mommy’s belly, it makes her jump for joy, so I try to kiss her belly as often as I can!!  We just love her so much and want the best for her!  I already love her more than I could have ever imagined, as I know when we both meet for the first time, it is going to be overwhelming for the both of us!  When I think about that moment, it just seems so unbelievable and surreal!  I definitely have noticed a difference in my emotions.  Amber and I have watched a couple of different shows, one called: Bringing Home Baby, and another one from a hypno birth educational video which showed the birth of many different baby’s, as well as the experience of bringing your baby home for the first time.  I can’t tell you how much it effected the two of us, it was just so amazing and beautiful!  And now to know that I am about to share this beautiful and magical experience with my amazing and wonderful wife Amber, makes me feel like to luckiest man in the world!  I can’t wait to hold you River Rae Bella Janke, my beautiful Little Bell!!