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Introducing River Rae Bella

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annoucementWe’d like everyone to meet our little girl River Rae Bella. She showed up Friday night at 11:49p.m. perfect as can be.  We are so overwhelmed with love for our new little one, we can’t stop staring at her and giving her kisses.  Early Friday morning contractions started feeling quite strong so we stayed up and kept track of them.  Around 6:00a.m. we called Jill our Midwife and after speaking with her awhile it seemed that we where in the early stages of prelabor.  Our birthing tub arrived at the house around 9:00a.m.  As labor progressed we really started seeing more action around 11:00a.m. from there we continued our Hypnobirthing and relaxation to manage the pain, kept moving around alot and did some Yoga.  Around 6:30p.m. I got in the tub and started experiencing much stronger contractions, a couple hours later my water broke and within the next 30 minutes I had the urge to push.  Jill checked me and said well lets have a baby!  We where so exstatic as we where all kind of starting to think we had a lot more laboring to do.  So little River just snuck up on us!  After pushing for a little over an hour little River emerged in the tub safe and sound at 11:49p.m.  Jill plopped her up on my belly and a huge emotional rush just overcame Jeff and I as we looked down at our little miracle we created.  I don’t think either of us have felt so much love all at once.  I couldn’t have managed my way throw my labor without the attention of my husband.  Jeff was so amazing as he talked me through it all staying positive the whole way.   We are so happy with the choices we made with our Birth, she was safe and calm the whole way through.  Jill said it was as if River didn’t even know she was in labor.  We’d like to thank Jill for the amazing job she did and the education shes brought us through this whole process.  As well as Kat, thank you so much for your support!  And Mom you have such a calm gentle nature about you and it was truly a blessing that you where there.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who’ve come by and called, all your support and well wishes are so appreciated and we love you all so much!

The Proud Parents