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New Tricks!

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5monthsoldIt’s only been a few weeks since my last post and River has been up to all sorts of fun stuff!  She’s surprised us with so many little tricks lately its amazing.  Adding lots of new sounds and even her first word “Dada” she started out with Dada when she was mad, she’d mumble it in her cries.  Now when shes excited, happy, hungry, sad whatever it’s dada.  She makes us laugh with her new little stunts daily!  She has discovered her feet, and boy does she love them!  There isn’t a moment when we lay her on her back that she doesn’t grab them up and roll around hanging onto them!  Yesterday she got to sit in the grass and touch it and she really enjoyed this, infact she was kind of mad at me when I picked her up.  Her sitting skills are getting close, any day now and I think she’ll be there.  She loves pulling herself forward in her carseat and stroller which is helarious because it looks like shes working out.  When we are outside playing with Jetty she likes to yell at her (I think she is trying to play with her) and she loves to try and pet her, well grab her wiskers and eyes 😉  She is continously rolling over front to back and back to front and when she’s on her tummy she kicks her legs like crazy, I really think she is going to pick up crawling right away!   Last week she got a taste of Sweet Potatoes for the first time and she loves them!  This morning she had Oatmeal Cereal instead of Rice and she ate two bowls!  She is becoming more and more social and loves to watch people especially kids. There is so much to say about our little one she continues to grow and work on things every second.  My favorite part about her right now is her determination, she really really works on something when her mind is set on it.  I hate to say it but she’s gonna be a stubborn one like her mommy 🙂 Tomorrow is her first day in the water, we are heading out to Lake Mohave where the water temp is a little bit warmer.  I will make sure and take plenty of pics to share as I’m sure everyone will want to see her in her bikini!!!  Thats all for now