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9 Weeks Old

So shes already 9 weeks old!  She’s getting so big and so smart.  In the morning she loves to play and smile and laugh, especially with daddy!  Yesterday she had her two month check up and shes looking good.  Weighing in at 10lbs. 7 ounces, and 22 inches long! Jill said she looks very healthy and happy. River is keeping Jeff and I very busy, as we are trying to launch The Healthy Belly by the end of this month, our River Rae inspired Organic and holistic baby site!  So when River allows us to we put her in her bouncy chair or on her playmat so we can write and design.  That usually only works for about ten minutes then she wants to be held.  Which is fine by us, we love it!  We sure are in love and continue to be surprised everyday by all the new little things she does!  Next time I’ll be posting a video inwhich she coos and smiles, hopefully next week, we’ll See 🙂



XOXO Riversmom
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  • Grandma-to-be
    January 28, 2009

    River’s such a doll! She looks so much like Amber in her more recent photos. Keep posting more pictures and a video. I miss seeing her. I can hardly wait to hold her again. See you in February!! I love you all! You are a beautiful family!

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