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What’s Really For Dinner (Part 2)

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growth hormones in our food, antibiodics

So as if the debate on meat eaters versus vegetarian wasn’t confusing enough I have some more exciting info to share.  For all the meat eaters out there, next time you sit down to order a burger or even a steak at your favorite fine and dine restaurant, just know that more than likely especially if the option of Organic Meats, Corn Fed, or Free Range isn’t listed on the menu anywhere, you’re preparing to eat a nice helping of added hormones and antibiotics.  Oh big deal you say, my Doc has given me antibiotics several times.  Yea that Zpac sure seemed helpful when you couldn’t kick that heavy cold, however do you really understand the adverse effects of Antibiotics?  Antibiotics literally kill all living bacteria inside your body, and yes if they are consumed through eating meat treated with Antibiotics they still enter your body.  So what’s so bad you ask about killing all the bacteria….well we need good bacteria to ward off all sorts of diseases and infections.   Many adults later in life are now more than ever seeing bacterial infections (the bad kind) in their systems, Candida Albicans  or even Chronic Fatigue.   Okay, so without getting too off track here back to point, Antibiotics and other Hormones are being added to way too many of our food supply and making some serious changes through out the population.  The obesity epidemic alone has dramatically changed in the United States where food is altered more so than other countries.

You may be wondering why are these crappy things being added to our food?  Well Antibiotics and Hormones help grow bigger, fatter animals, who in turn produce more milk and more meat, which means more money.  Big surprise huh the ugly monster beneath all the madness is money, who’da thunk it!  Fortunately, we are a very aware society and becoming more aware everyday, and finding Organic meats, cheeses, milk and produce is becoming more simple.  Granted yes reaching for Natural and Organic options can be harder on your pocket book, however you can always choose to be more selective on which items you spring for.  Look for Farm Raised, without Hormones, Antibiotics etc.  Also grabbing up some raw cheese or switching to a milk alternative is also a great option.  I know I was raised on whole milk, so I completely understand the craziness behind cutting out the cow when it comes to milk, at the same time we’ve got some fantastic options for rice, almond and now coconut milk all around us.

Here is a few facts I found on a super helpful site:

  • Antibiotics given to cows to treat mastitis results in antibiotic residues in milk. Apart from causing health problems in those who drink this, it can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance amongst bacteria present in the person’s body.
  • Scientific studies link rBGH to cancer citing the fact that the presence of rBGH in the cow’s blood stimulates production of another hormone (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) in the cow and traces of it are found in its milk. Since this hormone is also active within humans, it can lead to uncontrolled cell division or cancer.
  • Exposure to growth hormones in beef could be putting Americans at risk for infertility. A recent study found that women who routinely ate beef were far more likely to give birth to boys who grow up to have lower-than-normal sperm counts.
  • Hormone residues in beef have been implicated in the early onset of puberty in girls, which could put them at greater risk of developing breast and other forms of cancer.

As a whole parts of our society that has cut out dairy alone has seen a significant amount of change in their immune system, stating not getting nearly as sick or for the period of time they where sick as in the past.  Personally I can say my daughter has been drinking rice milk since one and shes only been sick  a few times in her span of three years.  Never once has she needed an antibiotic.  I guess it makes sense that if shes not ingesting these unknown hormones and additional bad bacteria her bodies going to be stronger and better able to kick a cold before it becomes something else.  I found some really great articles that speak more extensively on this topic, so if you’re interested further please take a look!

Hormones in milk, beef, could put kids at even higher risk

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Halo Bar – “The Sinfully Healthy Snack Bar”

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So even us health minded parents give in now and then and can’t help but allow our kiddo’s to enjoy a little candy or treat.  Unfortunately most of these big corp candy treats will not only rot your little ones teeth but they sure aren’t doing much for their minds.  What do we do?  We need a tempting alternative for those rewards or times when we want to spoil our little ones palettes!  Well folks that’s when you run literally to your nearest local health food store and demand a Halo Bar.

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Holy moly where we blown away here at the Healthy Belly when we stumbled upon these geniuses at Pro Bar when we tasted a sample of the delightful snack bars that pack a good amount of Omega 3 & 6!  Beyond omega the bars are dairy free and vegan as well as made with organic oats!  They truly are too good to be true, and have extremely tempting flavors like S’mores, Nutty Marshmallow, Rocky Road, and Honey Graham.   With an extremely low serving of Sugar per bar and all natural ingredients what parent wouldn’t want to turn to this no-brainer snack food alternative.  The only problem is with a treat this tasty and tempting how do we save them for the kids?  When you spot the bars at your local retailer you’ll know the packaging alone says it all…

To Learn more about the Halo line check out their website 🙂


What’s for Dinner? Really? (Part 1)

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Gone are the days of a simple meatloaf dinner with a healthy side of veggies and a peach cobbler to satisfy the sweet tooth. In the fast paced tweet by tweet news environment world we live in, we can literally access tons of info in an instant. Don’t get me wrong as a mega lover of technology and all that it brings I’m thrilled. However there is a darker side to being more aware. This is great as we move into a world where really do we know what we are eating? Do we fully understand what we are feeding our families?

As I start this 4 part series on toxins in our food, I encourage all readers to take this info I’m providing and use it become more aware of the food around you and your family.  Read a little more at the market and pay attention to the tricky words they put so slyly on the label for instance, you’ve probably heard much about MSG Monosodium Glutamate

“It” is monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that’s known widely as an addition to Chinese food, but that’s actually added to thousands of the foods you and your family regularly eat, especially if you are like most Americans and eat the majority of your food as processed foods or in restaurants.

MSG is one of the worst  food additives on the market and is used in canned soups, crackers, meats, salad dressings, frozen dinners and  much more. It’s found in your local supermarket and restaurants, in your child’s school cafeteria and, amazingly, even in baby food and infant formula.

MSG is more than just a seasoning like salt and pepper, it actually enhances the flavor of foods, making processed meats and frozen dinners taste fresher and smell better, salad dressings more tasty, and canned foods less tinny.

While MSG’s benefits to the food industry are quite clear, this food additive could be slowly and silently doing major damage to your health. Read full article here.

BUT did you know that yeast extract is just another tricky little ingredient that you may not even be noticing in your products that you thought where MSG free.  That’s right yielding many of the same addictive and negative effects on your body.  Some of the side effects or symptoms theses two dangerous additives can bring on are:

  • Obesity
  • Eye damage
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and disorientation
  • Depression
  • Numbness
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling
  • Facial pressure or tightness
  • Chest pain or difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Drowsiness
  • Weakness

So how do you keep MSG and it’s ugly friends out of your families lives?

When shopping in any market try to remember one simple rule, the outer edge of the market is where you will be most safe.  Not all products will be entirely safe, however more so then purchasing the pre-packaged junk sold by the big name crap manufactures out there who have no regard for your families best interest!  You can also purchase frozen fruit and veggies if shopping in the produce department is breaking your wallet.  Read read read……start to get familiar with the nasty ingredients that most likely live in your families favorites, also shopping in a small health food store will really help clear your head.  Not only do the employees know tons more and can really help you identify the bad stuff, you will be amazed at the alternatives out there.  Finally of course organic is always best, when really confused what to buy organic do a Google search on which fruits and veggies are most permeable to pesticides, that will really help you identify the important ones to purchase! After all you wouldn’t intentionally spray your families dinner with Raid right?  I’m not going to lie, eating this will end up costing more, however you must ask yourself what’s more important?

As always thanks for tuning into my ramblings more to come on my second installment 🙂

xoxox Amber


☙ My Garden Girl ❧

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So kids wanna play and play and play. Moms want them to eat, rest, learn, grow and be challenged. With that said Being creative and keeping their daily grind fresh and exciting gets tough! Let’s face it moms the day to day that may keep you at bay probably bores the heck out of your little ones. Recently I’ve taken up a new hobby for River and I to do together, gardening!

We started a garden right at the beginning of spring! While it’s obviously a first for River I myself have never grown anything besides sea monkeys in one those plastic container things they come and that hardly seems like something to be proud of, ok I guess the are pretty cool 😉

Starting small we’ve worked our way up to quite an exciting variety and we are both having a blast taking care of it. Everything from the plants we picked to the watering and trimming, we do together! It’s so rewarding to be off doing something else and she stops to ask me if we can go work in the garden 🙂

So moms if your looking for a fun little activity for you and yours try it out, even if it’s a little 1 x 1 box just to put a few seedlings into so you can teach your child about nature and watch a vegetable grow before his eyes!

Here are a few tips for gardening with kids!

  • Get him or her their own little shovel, watering can, gardening shoes, etc.
  • Let them help and suggest the plants they’d like to see grow or even the fruits and veggies they already love to eat!
  • Make sure you got some color variety, this makes for excitement when your veggies start to bloom, plus you can work on learning all those colors.
  • Don’t forget to teach basics like, being gentle, caring for roots, taking or singing to the plants, silly but the kids love doing it!
  • I personally like to talk about the health benefits of eating all these yummy veggies your growing, it just may induce enough curiosity to get them trying it all.
  • Ofcourse purchase pesticide free fertilizers and organic soils, otherwise what’s the point, I mean this is for your family to eat.

For more information on natural organic gardening check out this website which I’ve found extremely useful The Organic Gardening Guru . I also found some great tips for Tot gardening at WildBound