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☙ My Garden Girl ❧

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So kids wanna play and play and play. Moms want them to eat, rest, learn, grow and be challenged. With that said Being creative and keeping their daily grind fresh and exciting gets tough! Let’s face it moms the day to day that may keep you at bay probably bores the heck out of your little ones. Recently I’ve taken up a new hobby for River and I to do together, gardening!

We started a garden right at the beginning of spring! While it’s obviously a first for River I myself have never grown anything besides sea monkeys in one those plastic container things they come and that hardly seems like something to be proud of, ok I guess the are pretty cool 😉

Starting small we’ve worked our way up to quite an exciting variety and we are both having a blast taking care of it. Everything from the plants we picked to the watering and trimming, we do together! It’s so rewarding to be off doing something else and she stops to ask me if we can go work in the garden 🙂

So moms if your looking for a fun little activity for you and yours try it out, even if it’s a little 1 x 1 box just to put a few seedlings into so you can teach your child about nature and watch a vegetable grow before his eyes!

Here are a few tips for gardening with kids!

  • Get him or her their own little shovel, watering can, gardening shoes, etc.
  • Let them help and suggest the plants they’d like to see grow or even the fruits and veggies they already love to eat!
  • Make sure you got some color variety, this makes for excitement when your veggies start to bloom, plus you can work on learning all those colors.
  • Don’t forget to teach basics like, being gentle, caring for roots, taking or singing to the plants, silly but the kids love doing it!
  • I personally like to talk about the health benefits of eating all these yummy veggies your growing, it just may induce enough curiosity to get them trying it all.
  • Ofcourse purchase pesticide free fertilizers and organic soils, otherwise what’s the point, I mean this is for your family to eat.

For more information on natural organic gardening check out this website which I’ve found extremely useful The Organic Gardening Guru . I also found some great tips for Tot gardening at WildBound