Riversmom Re-boot

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Recently I found myself curious again about my previous efforts running a mommy blog.  Back in 2007 when I started it was a whole other ballgame.  A ballgame that had a much smaller audience, a better reach option for unique content about being a mommy in todays world.  At the time I didn’t know anyone else blogging about parenting, or health topics, I was the go to blog to read amongst my group of mommy friends. So what I’m really saying is that to bring this blog back to life, I need some good content and topics that other moms are talking about!

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I’ve been beyond busy as a mommy to one perfect little girl, River Rae.  She’s now 8, homeschooled, multi talented, hilarious and sassy as can be.  She’s basically a tiny me, so yea!

I hope to cover topics in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years such as: positive parenting, technology and children and healthy eating and activities for kiddos and moms!


What’s Really For Dinner (Part 2)

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growth hormones in our food, antibiodics

So as if the debate on meat eaters versus vegetarian wasn’t confusing enough I have some more exciting info to share.  For all the meat eaters out there, next time you sit down to order a burger or even a steak at your favorite fine and dine restaurant, just know that more than likely especially if the option of Organic Meats, Corn Fed, or Free Range isn’t listed on the menu anywhere, you’re preparing to eat a nice helping of added hormones and antibiotics.  Oh big deal you say, my Doc has given me antibiotics several times.  Yea that Zpac sure seemed helpful when you couldn’t kick that heavy cold, however do you really understand the adverse effects of Antibiotics?  Antibiotics literally kill all living bacteria inside your body, and yes if they are consumed through eating meat treated with Antibiotics they still enter your body.  So what’s so bad you ask about killing all the bacteria….well we need good bacteria to ward off all sorts of diseases and infections.   Many adults later in life are now more than ever seeing bacterial infections (the bad kind) in their systems, Candida Albicans  or even Chronic Fatigue.   Okay, so without getting too off track here back to point, Antibiotics and other Hormones are being added to way too many of our food supply and making some serious changes through out the population.  The obesity epidemic alone has dramatically changed in the United States where food is altered more so than other countries.

You may be wondering why are these crappy things being added to our food?  Well Antibiotics and Hormones help grow bigger, fatter animals, who in turn produce more milk and more meat, which means more money.  Big surprise huh the ugly monster beneath all the madness is money, who’da thunk it!  Fortunately, we are a very aware society and becoming more aware everyday, and finding Organic meats, cheeses, milk and produce is becoming more simple.  Granted yes reaching for Natural and Organic options can be harder on your pocket book, however you can always choose to be more selective on which items you spring for.  Look for Farm Raised, without Hormones, Antibiotics etc.  Also grabbing up some raw cheese or switching to a milk alternative is also a great option.  I know I was raised on whole milk, so I completely understand the craziness behind cutting out the cow when it comes to milk, at the same time we’ve got some fantastic options for rice, almond and now coconut milk all around us.

Here is a few facts I found on a super helpful site:

  • Antibiotics given to cows to treat mastitis results in antibiotic residues in milk. Apart from causing health problems in those who drink this, it can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance amongst bacteria present in the person’s body.
  • Scientific studies link rBGH to cancer citing the fact that the presence of rBGH in the cow’s blood stimulates production of another hormone (Insulin-Like Growth Factor) in the cow and traces of it are found in its milk. Since this hormone is also active within humans, it can lead to uncontrolled cell division or cancer.
  • Exposure to growth hormones in beef could be putting Americans at risk for infertility. A recent study found that women who routinely ate beef were far more likely to give birth to boys who grow up to have lower-than-normal sperm counts.
  • Hormone residues in beef have been implicated in the early onset of puberty in girls, which could put them at greater risk of developing breast and other forms of cancer.

As a whole parts of our society that has cut out dairy alone has seen a significant amount of change in their immune system, stating not getting nearly as sick or for the period of time they where sick as in the past.  Personally I can say my daughter has been drinking rice milk since one and shes only been sick  a few times in her span of three years.  Never once has she needed an antibiotic.  I guess it makes sense that if shes not ingesting these unknown hormones and additional bad bacteria her bodies going to be stronger and better able to kick a cold before it becomes something else.  I found some really great articles that speak more extensively on this topic, so if you’re interested further please take a look!

Hormones in milk, beef, could put kids at even higher risk

Thanks for reading!



A visit with CorCell

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This past Wednesday we had the honor of being invited over to CorCell a subsidiary or Cord Blood America to talk with Dr. Jerry Oneil and Natalie Curry. Dr. Oneil was kind enough to take us threw a brief showing of the facility and what they offer to cord blood banking parents. I know little on the subject, however I have to say meeting these people and hearing their stories really was great!

We also got to have a one on one interview with Natalie Curry, she’s the official spokes person for CorCell and one of the first people EVER to have a successful cord blood transplant. Natalie has some pretty inspirational things to say and I can’t wait to talk more with her in the future. Check out her website here at

Also anyone out there with friends or family who may be expecting, if you’re looking into Cord Blood Banking for your family, CorCell has extended a fantastic offer to any Healthy Belly members! So encourage them to sign up today before the offer expires and they receive $200 off their cord blood service!!

I’ll have a video to post soon so stay tuned 🙂


Techie Moms 

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As I continually catch myself being high-tech in front of my little one I’ve started to wonder……Is what I’m doing teaching her bad habits or is this behavior going to rub off on her? I’ve come to the conclusion that too much computers and PDA devices in front of her can more than likely be teaching habits now, that I may come to regret later in life.  Think about it moms, you tweet, update your FB profile and check emails throughout the day!  I know for me when I’m out and about I’m all business multi-tasking and getting things done.  I know not all moms are like me and hopefully have more self-control than myself.  I run a fairly large pregnancy and parenting website so I’m consistently being contacted or tweaking technical issues to keep my parents and visitors to my site happy, however the mobile connection obsession is a growing epidemic!

Men and women are passing by each day with their heads down and all eyes on their mobile device.  Not that this is a bad thing, I think there is a time and place and if we work on monitoring ourselves and the habits we portray, than are kids are in good hands for the future.   I’ve spoken with moms of teens and they have expressed that their teens are so involved in their mobile communication they see constant problems with everything from eye contact in conversations to family involvement at the dinner table.  Really who do we have to blame?  We set the bar and we are the role models they see and relate to on a daily basis.

What can we do?

I’ve decided all my time with River is now for the most part mobile device free.  I keep my phone in my purse and only answer it if it’s an important call or of course an emergency situation.  I believe if we show our children that they get our full attention and they are number one then it will not only help how they interact now and in the future, but I also believe it can be such a self-esteem booster!  So just remember moms and dads our children our number one above all, your social networking friends will always be online later, however your little one is changing every second right in front of your eyes!

As always I encourage any words of wisdom from parents as I really find this topic more and more relevant!  Thanks for reading my blog



16 Year Old Doula!!

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Yep thats right this inspiring young woman has become a DONA trained birth doula at age 16!  I got in contact with Allie after seeing her profile on Ricki Lake and Abby Epstien’s natural birthing inspired social network, of which I am a proud memeber :).  Allie is very sweet and passionate about what she does and is working towards.  We will be interviewing her for our podcast series in the very near future and I couldn’t be more excited!!

Check out more about Allie and her accomplishments at her website!  I love finding people like this who are out there going after their dreams and goals! Way to go Allie.

On another note, I’m auditioning to be on the new Oprah Network “Own”.  This contest seems pretty exciting, they are going to give one contestant the privlage of having their own show on Oprahs new network!!  We are filming my idea later today or tomorrow and I am so excited.  The ideas are racing through my head, you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what it is!  So the winner gets chosen by votes and I’m a little behind so I’m gonna need all the help I can get from my friends and viewers ofcourse.  Also I wanted to mention to anyone who hasn’t listened yet (especially if you’re expecting) you have to check out my podcast series in itunes! Open itunes store and search pregnancy under the podcasts, click on HB radio and subscribe!  Or you can just click the rss feed and listen to them online here at

Thats it for now as my little ones nap time has come to an end 😉



Press Release

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The Healthy Belly, LLC shares its dream with mommies-to-be!

Lake Havasu City – June 1, 2010 —Most of us dream about doing something in our lives that can impact others in a positive and caring way and when you find an interest in something that has the potential to do just that, you want to put your heart and soul into it and make it your life’s work.

Inspired by the pregnancy and birth of their own baby in 2008, Jeff and Amber Janke began researching every bit of information they could find to ensure they gave mommy and their baby a healthy and supportive environment during and after their pregnancy. “What we discovered was that we could become a greater part of the decision process in all aspects of the experience” says Amber. “Deciding to have a baby opens a whole new world of possibilities that can enrich the experience for mommies and their family when you truly engage in the experience.” This was the springboard for the development of a web site that has all the information in one place making it available to millions of people. has all the ingredients of a business created for all the right reasons. It fills a tremendous need for new and soon-to-be moms and extends information to all members of the family. By providing visitors access to credible information and support at no cost, it provides opportunity to join groups, research products and share information.

“The goal of The Healthy Belly is to be the most hip, fresh, high-end, interactive, and intuitive website in its class” says Jeff. “There’s a strong focus on nutrition, fitness, and mental health, which strives to give visitors the most positive, organic, and holistic approach to pregnancy, child development and parenting.” Interviews, articles, testimonials, illustrations, forums and more add depth and interest to visitors extending their stay on the site.

The couple overlooked all the obstacles of developing and launching such a large project during one of the toughest economic climates in American history. Amber believes it was the most important thing to do! “We couldn’t sleep at night! All we thought about was sharing our experience with everyone” states Amber. “Our home birth was something we’ll never forget and it all went so well because we took the time to research and learn how to make it so wonderful.”

Not only does provide the knowledge to educate daddies and mommies-to-be in a way that best suits their personal needs, it also has a sister site for parents and mommies-to-be that want to share their pregnancy experience or children’s growth and development in a safe and secure site on The Dooddles’ family-safe social network is said to give Facebook a run for it’s money!

Learn more about The Healthy Belly family of websites, product recommends and social networks by visiting

For questions or an interview, contact
Amber & Jeff Janke