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I’m a half a year old!

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6monthsHey everyone! It’s so hard to believe we are half way to River’s 1st Birthday.  Time is flying by and we are having the time of our lives playing with are little angel.  So much happens with her everyday…..little Riv as I call her loves the water!!!! Yay we took her out to the river last weekend and she really enjoyed swimming and kicking her little legs.  The next day we made a day of water play and took her to the lake where it’s a bit warmer in the water, she loved that too.  She even got to nap in her little tent that grandma bought for her, it was perfect.  The weekends are going to be so much more fun now that its warm and we can all play in the water together!  Today River sat up on her own for a good five minutes without falling over, after that she started to catch herself every time she did begin to sway.  More to come!!



XOXO Riversmom

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