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Little Fibber….

What happens in each and everyone of us that enables us to tell a lie?  Really I mean I figured you just learn from peers in school or movies, but when my almost 20 month old started blamming the dog for everything that she was doing (and they where all things she shouldn’t) it really made me stop and think, where in the world did she learn that?  Everything from breaking stuff, taking things outside she shouldn’t and even for her falls, when I ask her “River what happened” she’s says “Jetty, she’s bad gurl”!!

One of my all time favorite movies is the invention of lying and I’m guessing River must of popped it in when I wasn’t looking.  If you haven’t seen that movie you must!  Really it makes you thankful for the little white lies we get to tell to make people feel better or even to properly communicate in our sometimes strange world.  So all of this rambling comes down to this, I have been so careful watching every single word and phrase that comes out of my mouth and so far I haven’t caught myself telling a fib to her, however she did randomly decided to tell me “dont’ to almost everything I ask her in these last few days.

I’m not sure but it’s really feeling like the terrible twos are creeping up on me.  No longer do I get to dictate what we are going to do or what we are having for lunch, or ever when it’s bed time.  We have now entered enemy territory and everything is a little mini battle.  I wouldn’t fight with anyone over silly things like this, but I am enjoying the little challenges she brings forth.  To all moms out there who’ve encountered their tots in fibs, I ask this…..How do we turn the clock back?  How do we get them to forget this skill and return to their sweet little honest by nature selves, cause I’m not ready for a little mini teenager 😉


ok this is weird…..i just found this article after “digging” my post  check it out

XOXO Riversmom
2 Responses
  • Cathy Vitello
    June 29, 2010

    That is so funny Amber, yet true. kids sure have a mind of their own. My daughter is 25 years old now but when she was 5, she was about to be the flower girl in my sisters wedding. I was laying on the couch (7 months pregnant) and she comes out of her room.I looked at her in horror since her bangs and top of hair looked like Edward Scissorhands had gotten a hold of her. I asked her “What Happened” and her reply was “The geniue pig ate it”. thank goodness my mother was over and swooped her up and took her to the hair dresser and they fixed it as best as they can. To this day she is reminded of it and we laugh all the time.(Needless to say, the proof is in my sisters wedding pics) =)

  • AJ
    June 29, 2010


    I bet the wedding pics are amazing because of it though 🙂

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