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My Latest Read ;)

Ok so when I get a minute to read it’s usually at the gym while bouncing up and down on the eplitical or in the middle of the night when I’ve deicided to stay up way too late as if I’ve forgotten I’m a mother of a 19 month old who loves rising with the sun!  So in this case it was at the gym that I decided to start reading Lift, thanks to Nancy I received Lift as a Mother’s Day gift last month.  Right away as I skimmed the pages of this new book I could tell it would be good.  The nice part about Lift is it’s only 80 or so pages so it’s a quick read and lets face it thats really all moms now a have time for!!

So here I am banging away on the stairmaster sweating my butt off, as I’m burning through this book (yeah it’s that good) it can even keep your interest while doing the stairmaster!  So I get to a really heartfelt and quite emotional part of the story and begin to tear up just a little mid calorie meltdown!  I really haven’t seen a book like this ever.  I don’t want to give too much away so just take my word for it, if you’re a mom you will love it!  Not only did it validate so many of the emotions and feelings I’ve experienced thus far being a mommy, it really made me think about my mothers experience and mom when I see you your getting a huge hug 🙂

Lift did just that! It lifted me up and really gave me this super amazing alternative outlook into moms in general.  I know we are all amazing and think the world of our children, however sometimes its the really really little stuff that makes being a mommy so fullfilling!  Pick it up, you won’t be disapointed…



XOXO Riversmom

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