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☙ My Garden Girl ❧

So kids wanna play and play and play. Moms want them to eat, rest, learn, grow and be challenged.

♕ Sleeping Beauty ♕

What is it about the complete innocence of our little ones once they have passed out in our arms that is so seriously heart melting once they hit the “big kid”

Important Newborn Questions & Answers

The authors of Heading Home with Your Newborn answer important questions from moms about infant and baby care

heading home pic.jpg


peepee in the potty……sometimes.

As a first time mom I realize that potty training isn’t going to happen overnight, however I’d like to understand why somedays going on the potty is the coolest thing ever and why others it’s the worst topic I could bring up to my almost two year old.

Money Matters from the Author of Does this Make My Assets Look Fat

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The author of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat shares her tips on how to manage your finances and invest like a pro!

A visit with CorCell

This past Wednesday we had the honor of being invited over to CorCell a subsidiary or Cord Blood America to talk with Dr.