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Yes Mommies a “real” Healthy Cookie” recipe!


(Best Eaten: as a morning or pre-workout snack) Now lets be honest,

Techie Moms 

As I continually catch myself being high-tech in front of my little one I’ve started to wonder……Is what I’m doing teaching her bad habits or is this behavior going to rub off on her?

Little Fibber….

What happens in each and everyone of us that enables us to tell a lie?  Really I mean I figured you just learn from peers in school or movies,

16 Year Old Doula!!

Yep thats right this inspiring young woman has become a DONA trained birth doula at age 16!  I got in contact with Allie after seeing her profile on Ricki Lake and Abby Epstien’s natural birthing inspired social network,

Press Release

The Healthy Belly, LLC shares its dream with mommies-to-be!

Lake Havasu City – June 1,

Tot Training 101

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As a first time mom with a now 19 month old, it’s beginning to really get hilarious as I discover the things we will think up to entertain,