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Tot Training 101

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As a first time mom with a now 19 month old, it’s beginning to really get hilarious as I discover the things we will think up to entertain,

Mommy needs a time-out ;)

So this article came inspired by those moments when you literally wanna check out as mom and pass the reigns to someone else but guess what you CAN’T!! 

My Latest Read ;)

Ok so when I get a minute to read it’s usually at the gym while bouncing up and down on the eplitical or in the middle of the night when I’ve deicided to stay up way too late as if I’ve forgotten I’m a mother of a 19 month old who loves rising with the sun! 

Inspirational Women!

Upon my journey into the web publishing world I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing women who have changed and affected so many lives. 

My innevitable return to our very first blog…

Even though my blogging on our first ever family blog came to pretty much a screeching halt once River actually arrived,

I’m a half a year old!

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6monthsHey everyone! It’s so hard to believe we are half way to River’s 1st Birthday.  Time is flying by and we are having the time of our lives playing with are little angel.