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4 1/2 Months Old!

4andhalf3Thats right our little STAR River is now 41/2 months old!  Time is flying by….  She’s working on all sorts of skills,

River has a few words with Daddy…

The other night Daddy and River ♥ had a quite a special moment.  This little conversation went on for nearly 30 minutes! 

River Giggles!

Here is a video of little River giggling to us on Valentines day!  I sneezed and it made her laugh,

Our Girl!

familyphotos1 River’s getting so cute and so fun, we are having a blast being parents.  She is such a good baby and has been sleeping through the night now for about four weeks! 

9 Weeks Old

So shes already 9 weeks old!  She’s getting so big and so smart.  In the morning she loves to play and smile and laugh,