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Merry Christmas 2008

christmas2008I can’t believe looking back at last years Christmas I never would of imagined I’d be a Mommy this year! 

Introducing River Rae Bella

annoucementWe’d like everyone to meet our little girl River Rae Bella. She showed up Friday night at 11:49p.m.

The Nursery is Complete!

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Click here to view River Rae’s Nursery

Now that the Nursery is complete all Jeff and I can do is wait!!! 

5 1/2 weeks left to grow!

We are getting so excited for our little one to arrive.  Jeff took this last minute shot of me yesterday since I’m not usually up for photo shoots lately he had to sweet talk me 🙂  A little over a week ago we had our shower and we wanted to thank everyone so much for all the wonderful gifts and support. 

32 Weeks and Growing! “My Little Bell”


Wow, I can’t believe we have only 8 weeks to go!!  Our little River Rae started as a small puddle,

It’s a Girl!

Here she is Little River Rae Bella! We couldn’t ask for more, since this is what we both wanted 🙂 a little girl.