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Riversmom Re-boot

Recently I found myself curious again about my previous efforts running a mommy blog.  Back in 2007 when I started it was a whole other ballgame.  A ballgame that had a much smaller audience, a better reach option for unique content about being a mommy in todays world.  At the time I didn’t know anyone else blogging about parenting, or health topics, I was the go to blog to read amongst my group of mommy friends. So what I’m really saying is that to bring this blog back to life, I need some good content and topics that other moms are talking about!

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I’ve been beyond busy as a mommy to one perfect little girl, River Rae.  She’s now 8, homeschooled, multi talented, hilarious and sassy as can be.  She’s basically a tiny me, so yea!

I hope to cover topics in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years such as: positive parenting, technology and children and healthy eating and activities for kiddos and moms!

XOXO Riversmom

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