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As I continually catch myself being high-tech in front of my little one I’ve started to wonder……Is what I’m doing teaching her bad habits or is this behavior going to rub off on her? I’ve come to the conclusion that too much computers and PDA devices in front of her can more than likely be teaching habits now, that I may come to regret later in life.  Think about it moms, you tweet, update your FB profile and check emails throughout the day!  I know for me when I’m out and about I’m all business multi-tasking and getting things done.  I know not all moms are like me and hopefully have more self-control than myself.  I run a fairly large pregnancy and parenting website so I’m consistently being contacted or tweaking technical issues to keep my parents and visitors to my site happy, however the mobile connection obsession is a growing epidemic!

Men and women are passing by each day with their heads down and all eyes on their mobile device.  Not that this is a bad thing, I think there is a time and place and if we work on monitoring ourselves and the habits we portray, than are kids are in good hands for the future.   I’ve spoken with moms of teens and they have expressed that their teens are so involved in their mobile communication they see constant problems with everything from eye contact in conversations to family involvement at the dinner table.  Really who do we have to blame?  We set the bar and we are the role models they see and relate to on a daily basis.

What can we do?

I’ve decided all my time with River is now for the most part mobile device free.  I keep my phone in my purse and only answer it if it’s an important call or of course an emergency situation.  I believe if we show our children that they get our full attention and they are number one then it will not only help how they interact now and in the future, but I also believe it can be such a self-esteem booster!  So just remember moms and dads our children our number one above all, your social networking friends will always be online later, however your little one is changing every second right in front of your eyes!

As always I encourage any words of wisdom from parents as I really find this topic more and more relevant!  Thanks for reading my blog