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peepee in the potty……sometimes.

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As a first time mom I realize that potty training isn’t going to happen overnight, however I’d like to understand why somedays going on the potty is the coolest thing ever and why others it’s the worst topic I could bring up to my almost two year old. Know as a mom of a tot I’ve come to learn the signs of readiness, dry bottom in the morning, waking from naps talking about the potty, acknowledging the urges and so on. So like most mommies I’ve probably researched this way too far and should’ve of just sat back and went with my gut in the first place. After all my little River has always called the shots so why would this stage be any different!?

A few weeks back we decided that a reward like a piece of candy or a sticker would for sure entice her to hop on the pot and keep her coming back for more….nope. She was into it for about three days and has now decided shes doesn’t care for stickers or treats or going on the potty like a big girl. It’s funny how the balance of rewarding walks a very fine line (atleast with River) and come sometimes completly backfire in certain senarios. It’s been almost a week since Rivers been offered a reward for her toilet efforts and she has since awaken me almost every morning to tell me “mommy I poopin” 70% of the time its toots followed by peepee but hey shes’ realizing the sensations and thats all the matters. Now once the deed has been done we high five and talk about how shes such a big girl and that consistency seems to working just fine!

So my point here is this, lets just listen to our kids and what we already know about them first before we rush to the bookstore or hop on pottytraining.com. After all we are their mothers and know them better than anyone else ever will ๐Ÿ™‚ If any mommies reading this would like to share their potty training tips or funny stories I think we’d all appreciate it! Email them over to us at editor@thehealthybelly.com

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