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☙ My Garden Girl ❧

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So kids wanna play and play and play. Moms want them to eat, rest, learn, grow and be challenged. With that said Being creative and keeping their daily grind fresh and exciting gets tough! Let’s face it moms the day to day that may keep you at bay probably bores the heck out of your little ones. Recently I’ve taken up a new hobby for River and I to do together, gardening!

We started a garden right at the beginning of spring! While it’s obviously a first for River I myself have never grown anything besides sea monkeys in one those plastic container things they come and that hardly seems like something to be proud of, ok I guess the are pretty cool 😉

Starting small we’ve worked our way up to quite an exciting variety and we are both having a blast taking care of it. Everything from the plants we picked to the watering and trimming, we do together! It’s so rewarding to be off doing something else and she stops to ask me if we can go work in the garden 🙂

So moms if your looking for a fun little activity for you and yours try it out, even if it’s a little 1 x 1 box just to put a few seedlings into so you can teach your child about nature and watch a vegetable grow before his eyes!

Here are a few tips for gardening with kids!

  • Get him or her their own little shovel, watering can, gardening shoes, etc.
  • Let them help and suggest the plants they’d like to see grow or even the fruits and veggies they already love to eat!
  • Make sure you got some color variety, this makes for excitement when your veggies start to bloom, plus you can work on learning all those colors.
  • Don’t forget to teach basics like, being gentle, caring for roots, taking or singing to the plants, silly but the kids love doing it!
  • I personally like to talk about the health benefits of eating all these yummy veggies your growing, it just may induce enough curiosity to get them trying it all.
  • Ofcourse purchase pesticide free fertilizers and organic soils, otherwise what’s the point, I mean this is for your family to eat.

For more information on natural organic gardening check out this website which I’ve found extremely useful The Organic Gardening Guru . I also found some great tips for Tot gardening at WildBound


Press Release

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The Healthy Belly, LLC shares its dream with mommies-to-be!

Lake Havasu City – June 1, 2010 —Most of us dream about doing something in our lives that can impact others in a positive and caring way and when you find an interest in something that has the potential to do just that, you want to put your heart and soul into it and make it your life’s work.

Inspired by the pregnancy and birth of their own baby in 2008, Jeff and Amber Janke began researching every bit of information they could find to ensure they gave mommy and their baby a healthy and supportive environment during and after their pregnancy. “What we discovered was that we could become a greater part of the decision process in all aspects of the experience” says Amber. “Deciding to have a baby opens a whole new world of possibilities that can enrich the experience for mommies and their family when you truly engage in the experience.” This was the springboard for the development of a web site that has all the information in one place making it available to millions of people.

TheHealthyBelly.com has all the ingredients of a business created for all the right reasons. It fills a tremendous need for new and soon-to-be moms and extends information to all members of the family. By providing visitors access to credible information and support at no cost, it provides opportunity to join groups, research products and share information.

“The goal of The Healthy Belly is to be the most hip, fresh, high-end, interactive, and intuitive website in its class” says Jeff. “There’s a strong focus on nutrition, fitness, and mental health, which strives to give visitors the most positive, organic, and holistic approach to pregnancy, child development and parenting.” Interviews, articles, testimonials, illustrations, forums and more add depth and interest to visitors extending their stay on the site.

The couple overlooked all the obstacles of developing and launching such a large project during one of the toughest economic climates in American history. Amber believes it was the most important thing to do! “We couldn’t sleep at night! All we thought about was sharing our experience with everyone” states Amber. “Our home birth was something we’ll never forget and it all went so well because we took the time to research and learn how to make it so wonderful.”

Not only does TheHealthyBelly.com provide the knowledge to educate daddies and mommies-to-be in a way that best suits their personal needs, it also has a sister site for parents and mommies-to-be that want to share their pregnancy experience or children’s growth and development in a safe and secure site on Dooddles.com. The Dooddles’ family-safe social network is said to give Facebook a run for it’s money!

Learn more about The Healthy Belly family of websites, product recommends and social networks by visiting http://www.thehealthybelly.com.

For questions or an interview, contact
Amber & Jeff Janke


My innevitable return to our very first blog…

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Even though my blogging on our first ever family blog came to pretty much a screeching halt once River actually arrived, I have returned. Yet this time I come armed and prepared with some amazing tips, advice, stories and products to share with the world. Some of my blog readers are well aware of what became of the Janke family once we became pregnant, however there are many that have no clue. So the following short summary is for those new blog viewers 🙂

When I became pregnant with River (our first and so far only child) I was super disappointed at the lack of GOOD information on the net. The so called pregnancy and parenting sites that where around didn’t speak to the desired parenting information I was looking for. I knew there had to be a better place for moms-to-be like me to go, but where? Thus became The Healthy Belly! A pregnancy and child development website for positive and organic minded parents! It’s been over two years since the inception of The Healthy Belly and I couldn’t be more proud of our baby (both of them) 😉

The Healthy Belly has grown into an entire family of sites and we have a tremendous amount of support from some really great specialist. On our site you will find experts in all areas. Dr. Bob Sears contributes articles, videos and some really educational interviews that we’ve covered with our own webisode production HBTV!  Along with providing a complete child development timeline from in utero through age three you can follow along with your childs growth through our very own podcast series on HB Radio.

As we grow we have so many plans for iphone and facebook apps and I would love nothing more than to hear from real moms like yourself! If you’re a social networking mamma who likes to stay connected in an online social media environment then our most recent project Dooddles is a must see!  Dooddles came about when we saw how popular our Pregnancy site was becoming and realized what a perfect environment it was creating to keep family and friends in contact with what was going on with our new addition!  Dooddles is a family-safe social network that allows you the parent to control who accesses your child’s profile.  So unlike facebook your dooddles profile is just about your child.  You can track growth, development, share pics and video as well as make buddies with others in your area.  Set in a similar social networking environment dooddles is easy to use and understand.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on my blog and follow the passion that parenting has brought me!



4 1/2 Months Old!

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4andhalf3Thats right our little STAR River is now 41/2 months old!  Time is flying by….  She’s working on all sorts of skills, like rolling over from Tummy to back although she looks startled everytime she does this, shes working on her little abs trying to sit forward in her carseat, laughing all the time which is the best and she loves to scream! There isn’t  day that goes by that she doesn’s do something amazing!  Stay tuned for more River news.




River Giggles!

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Here is a video of little River giggling to us on Valentines day!  I sneezed and it made her laugh, so I did what any mommy would do I kept on sneezing hoping to get more and I did.  We missed the first two really good ones, but the giggles we captured are more than perfect to us!

Here we are with our littlest Valentine!


9 Weeks Old

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So shes already 9 weeks old!  She’s getting so big and so smart.  In the morning she loves to play and smile and laugh, especially with daddy!  Yesterday she had her two month check up and shes looking good.  Weighing in at 10lbs. 7 ounces, and 22 inches long! Jill said she looks very healthy and happy. River is keeping Jeff and I very busy, as we are trying to launch The Healthy Belly by the end of this month, our River Rae inspired Organic and holistic baby site!  So when River allows us to we put her in her bouncy chair or on her playmat so we can write and design.  That usually only works for about ten minutes then she wants to be held.  Which is fine by us, we love it!  We sure are in love and continue to be surprised everyday by all the new little things she does!  Next time I’ll be posting a video inwhich she coos and smiles, hopefully next week, we’ll See 🙂




Introducing River Rae Bella

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annoucementWe’d like everyone to meet our little girl River Rae Bella. She showed up Friday night at 11:49p.m. perfect as can be.  We are so overwhelmed with love for our new little one, we can’t stop staring at her and giving her kisses.  Early Friday morning contractions started feeling quite strong so we stayed up and kept track of them.  Around 6:00a.m. we called Jill our Midwife and after speaking with her awhile it seemed that we where in the early stages of prelabor.  Our birthing tub arrived at the house around 9:00a.m.  As labor progressed we really started seeing more action around 11:00a.m. from there we continued our Hypnobirthing and relaxation to manage the pain, kept moving around alot and did some Yoga.  Around 6:30p.m. I got in the tub and started experiencing much stronger contractions, a couple hours later my water broke and within the next 30 minutes I had the urge to push.  Jill checked me and said well lets have a baby!  We where so exstatic as we where all kind of starting to think we had a lot more laboring to do.  So little River just snuck up on us!  After pushing for a little over an hour little River emerged in the tub safe and sound at 11:49p.m.  Jill plopped her up on my belly and a huge emotional rush just overcame Jeff and I as we looked down at our little miracle we created.  I don’t think either of us have felt so much love all at once.  I couldn’t have managed my way throw my labor without the attention of my husband.  Jeff was so amazing as he talked me through it all staying positive the whole way.   We are so happy with the choices we made with our Birth, she was safe and calm the whole way through.  Jill said it was as if River didn’t even know she was in labor.  We’d like to thank Jill for the amazing job she did and the education shes brought us through this whole process.  As well as Kat, thank you so much for your support!  And Mom you have such a calm gentle nature about you and it was truly a blessing that you where there.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who’ve come by and called, all your support and well wishes are so appreciated and we love you all so much!

The Proud Parents


5 1/2 weeks left to grow!

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We are getting so excited for our little one to arrive.  Jeff took this last minute shot of me yesterday since I’m not usually up for photo shoots lately he had to sweet talk me 🙂  A little over a week ago we had our shower and we wanted to thank everyone so much for all the wonderful gifts and support.  It was really great to see everyone.  The shower was thrown by River’s Aunties Holly, Kayla, Jessie, Summer and Brandy and they did an amazing job.  I literally had tears in my eyes when I walked out and saw what they had put together for me.  It was such a special day and wow did we get tons of stuff. River sure has alot of people very excited to meet her!  The nursery is pretty much done, we just a have a few finishing touches and we will take some pics and get them up here as soon as we’re done.  It’s absolutely beautiful we both like to go in there everyday and just look around and imagine what it’s going to be like once she’s here.  It’s so amazing how calm and peaceful it feels in there already even Jetty is hanging out in there regularly, I think she feels the good energy as well 🙂  Last week at our 34 week check up, every thing looks good her heartbeat is strong and she loves to interact with the midwife when she’s checking her.  Her head is down and I’m measuring a little ahead of schedule, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but who knows.  As long as shes in there as long as she needs to get strong and healthy that’s all that matters to us!

To see pics from the baby shower follow this link:

More updates coming soon



32 Weeks and Growing! “My Little Bell”

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Wow, I can’t believe we have only 8 weeks to go!!  Our little River Rae started as a small puddle, then grew to a medium sized brook, and is now our little stream!  Amber and I can’t wait to meet our little River!  As some of you may have heard, we have decided to experience our birth of River Rae Bella at home on the river with a mid-wife.  This Friday we go to Vegas to meet with her and start our daily practices in preparation of our main event.  Amber, River and I, are so excited about this change in events, as we are now looking more forward to our quiet, candlelit, beautiful birthing experience!

We also have been working really hard on our new website: www.thehealthybelly.com which was inspired by our little River, “my Little Bell”  and will hopefully be set to launch phase 1, by the first of next year!  Be sure to check it out when it’s up, as our mission is to create a more high-end, organic, version of babycenter meets fitpregnancy.

River has been very active inside Amber’s belly!  As I love talking to her on a daily basis, she usually responds actively to my voice:)  I love to share with her how wonderful I want her life to be and let her know all the different plans I have for our lives together.  My Little Bell also loves when I kiss her mommy’s belly, it makes her jump for joy, so I try to kiss her belly as often as I can!!  We just love her so much and want the best for her!  I already love her more than I could have ever imagined, as I know when we both meet for the first time, it is going to be overwhelming for the both of us!  When I think about that moment, it just seems so unbelievable and surreal!  I definitely have noticed a difference in my emotions.  Amber and I have watched a couple of different shows, one called: Bringing Home Baby, and another one from a hypno birth educational video which showed the birth of many different baby’s, as well as the experience of bringing your baby home for the first time.  I can’t tell you how much it effected the two of us, it was just so amazing and beautiful!  And now to know that I am about to share this beautiful and magical experience with my amazing and wonderful wife Amber, makes me feel like to luckiest man in the world!  I can’t wait to hold you River Rae Bella Janke, my beautiful Little Bell!!



It’s a Girl!

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Here she is Little River Rae Bella! We couldn’t ask for more, since this is what we both wanted 🙂 a little girl. Now it’s time to get to work on the Nursery! The experience of finding out what she was had to be one of the best days of my life. I had no idea how much she wiggles around all the time. It was also great to see her little face and to see that she has everything she needs, oh and I think she looks like her daddy already! More to come soon!