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Our Girl!

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familyphotos1 River’s getting so cute and so fun, we are having a blast being parents.  She is such a good baby and has been sleeping through the night now for about four weeks!  She’s drooling like crazy as you can see from the pic and talking up a storm.  She loves saying agoooooo, it’s really funny but she likes to say that to everyone.  I think it’s her universal word for everything.  She loves seeing herself in the mirror and always give herself the sweetest smile and she finally likes her swing (for about ten minutes) and her bouncy chair.  River can hold her head up pretty much all the time now, and loves to try and push herself up with her legs when your holding her.  She’s gonna be a fast learner we can tell, she seems to want to get up and move around already! Three months old next saturday, so that means shes officially no longer a newborn 🙁 I’m really going to miss holding her tiny little body.  Although the next stage of her life will be just as rewarding.