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Techie Kids 🖥

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Back when River was only a few months old in 2009, I wrote this heart felt post about being aware as parents with technology use in front of our children.  Flash forward almost a decade, it’s everywhere and there ain’t no stopping.  If you’re child is anything like mine growing up in a rapidly changing world of technology and smart devices then you know what I’m talking about.  Even though we have great control over our hand held devices in our home, River has a genuine passion for technology and wants to get involved.

Having a mom who works in the digital space, she’s seen me build a few hundred websites, navigate popular social media accounts and even work for hours creating a graphic design piece for a client or edit a how to video.  She’s ultra aware of what smart technology is capable of and even knows her way around a few programs.  Which leads me to my main focus for this article.


We live in a home with no TV subscription, no satellite or cable, just streaming off our Apple TV.  River doesn’t get up and watch Saturday morning cartoons on USA or Cartoon Network.  She seeks out her favorite channels on Youtube Red or navigates to her Netflix login where she can find suggested shows based of her recently viewed.  This is truly a movement in the future of how our children receive information.  It’s also where she draws some of her creative inspiration.  She’s watching kids her age create their own content and have a blast while doing it.  For months she’s been working on her own videos and asks me repeatedly to help her set up a youtube channel.  So of course I watched her videos, gave her some tips and kept pushing her to create something unique and totally her.  After several attempted tries she’s come up with a bunch of great ideas.  Starting with some super fresh how to videos which are on their way she is very excited to be a positive channel for kids to learn, laugh and hopefully feel inspired by what she has up her sleeve.  Below is one of her first silly videos where she does my voice over in my fashion photography commercial I posted a year or so ago. Silly girl, I just love her witty little personality!