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♕ Sleeping Beauty ♕

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What is it about the complete innocence of our little ones once they have passed out in our arms that is so seriously heart melting once they hit the “big kid” stage? Don’t get me wrong, when River was 6 days, weeks or even 6 months old the feeling was so serene and addicting. However when this little monster by day well and even by night for that matter completely wears herself out and turns to my lap as her drool mat, I melt!

My guess is that is has something to do with the fact that as they age we really start to see and feel like they need us a little less each day as they are becoming whole and completely capable little people. The whole sleeping thing in a whole has probably been my biggest task to tackle being a first time mom. I mean I want to sleep with her every night and let her repeatedly kick me in the face, ribs and stomach while hopefully grabbing 3 hours of uninterupted sleep, however I know the set backs of doing that. So every night we follow through with the routine, is it weird if I sleep next to her on the floor? Ok I’m kidding…

I think watching your child grow, develop and burn themselves out has to be one of the most full filling feelings I’ve experienced as a parent. I mean I get up work a few hours, get in a quick workout (if I’m lucky) and I’m ready for a nap. But toddlers, man they run around non stop, snack, color, destroy the house, need to go outside, the park, beat up the dog and wrestle with dad before feeling like they should take a little break! Guess I’m a little jealous 😉

Speaking of sleep…..who the heck decides it’s cool to be up at 4:45 a.m. to get stuff done! And no it didn’t take me two hours to write this, I’ve just been up since then to get some work done, get my workout in and have a few little minutes to myself before the Master of This House wakes up and takes the reigns! If only we had growth spurts it would make it a little more acceptable if we suddenly passed out anywhere as adults!