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The Nursery is Complete!

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Click here to view River Rae’s Nursery

Now that the Nursery is complete all Jeff and I can do is wait!!!  We go in here everyday and sit in the rocking chair and imagine what it’s going to be like once shes here.  We feel like everything came together exactly how we imagined!  Just a few more weeks. We will keep everyone posted as more details develop!

xoxox Amber

XOXO Riversmom
5 Responses
  • Auntie Friedia
    October 4, 2008

    Oh MY! You guys did such a nice job! It looks amazing!
    Awww I cant wait!! Miss you guys! xxx

  • alex
    October 4, 2008

    Oh My GOSH!!! I Fucking LOVE it!!!!!!

  • Nicole
    October 5, 2008

    I love this room!! It is so adorable. I can’t wait till she is here.

  • Mom
    October 5, 2008

    It is so adorable….. You guys did such a good job on her room. It has been transformed into this amazing place. Now all that is needed to complete it is a precious little baby girl.

  • Nicki
    October 6, 2008

    U look beautiful and so is River’s nursery! Welcome to the best part of a women’s life, motherhood.

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