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Tot Training 101

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As a first time mom with a now 19 month old, it’s beginning to really get hilarious as I discover the things we will think up to entertain, satisfy and calm our little ones when they aren’t behaving or doing something they shouldn’t be.  I’ve stumbled upon some little tips from family and friends, reading and of course my own experiences on this ultimate journey of mine into motherhood.

So my first tip is one of my favs that I’d like to share, I can’t claim this one as my own but Ashley you’re a genius for thinking this one up and I’m not even sure if you realize how much this has helped me so I’m sure it will help out some other mommies too!

So in my daily routine I always get to dinner-time just barely able to cook the meal without little River loosing it cause she wants me to hold her, however it’s just not the best idea to hold a toddler while cutting and chopping and so on……So we get to dinner-time and everyone is happily eating their meal and filling their tummies with a smile, when my anxiety begins to set in.  See I like to clean up dinner dishes and such immediately after we are through rather than wait till the tot passes out for the night and I’m scrapping pots and pans when I should be relaxing or whatever.  Now thanks to Ashley’s little trick I wet a papertowel sheet and give it to her, asking her to help mommy clean.  I give her an order like start with the high chair then clean mommy and daddy’s chairs.  Really this works!  It’s amazing she’ll clean everything in sight all the while happily chanting “help mommy cwean” and I’m busy away scrubbing dishes and getting things in order!  Ok so maybe you’re kid isn’t into cleaning, but I think the real trick here is giving them a task that makes them feel significant.  These little ones are so much more aware than we often realize and I believe they just want to feel important 24/7!

Some more super helpful articles for moms of toddlers 😉

If any of my blog readers have any more fun tips I’d love to hear more!!!


XOXO Riversmom
2 Responses
  • maggie ferry
    June 23, 2010

    I will SO have to try this with my toddler. He loves helping me load the dishwasher.

    • AJ
      June 23, 2010

      I know mine toooo! Maggie I love your blog how fun 🙂 I’m rss’ing you!!

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